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New Releases 2024

Consumable Love

Consumable Love is an upcoming new adult romance in the Hopewell River Series.

Consumable Love by Madison Gray - Romance Books_edited.png

It turns out punching a stranger will get you fired, even if you’re picturing someone else.

When two infuriatingly handsome customers choose the wrong night to charm Raegan Huxley, an explosive outburst leaves her without a paycheck. The only thing worse than losing her bartending gig? Watching her stepsister tie the knot with the ex Raegan should’ve punched instead. 


The wedding ends with Raegan intoxicated and in tears. She takes off into the grounds of the venue and stumbles on something unexpected—a letter from 1865 describing the night Civil War troops burned the Lyndhurst Historic Inn to the ground. Risking one more bad decision, she trespasses onto the property for another look, only to be caught by the very person she’d rather avoid: Holland Lyndhurst, the customer who broke up her bar room brawl.


Dealing with Raegan’s irritating attitude is not on Holland’s to-do list, but the correspondence she found unveils new questions about the unexplained fires that dot his family’s painful past. And Raegan’s determined to unravel the century-old mystery behind the letter, even if it means tolerating Holland and his panty-dropping smile.


Surprising even himself, Holland offers Raegan a temporary job. Days together turn into late nights deciphering correspondence, battling emerging feelings, and chasing a legend of lost gold.


Falling for each other is an unforeseen twist. But revisiting the past has Holland questioning...


Is love worth risking if flames could consume it all? 

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I'm Madison Gray


I'm an indie author and writer in Asheville, North Carolina. I specialize in writing new adult romance books with epic adventures and a dash of spice. When I'm not writing, I enjoy rock climbing, hanging out with my partner and two dogs, spending time outdoors, and drinking lots and lots of coffee.


I would love to connect with you on social media or my newsletter if you want to keep up with all the bookish updates and my fictional worlds! 

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